Faculty of Arts

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.”

-William Shakespeare-

The faculty of Arts has been one of core faculties which we have designed to fill the gaps of
constantly changing world of knowledge. You will be able to gather an updated spectrum of
academic and research work. Our panel of lecturers are fully committed in utilizing their
intellectual capacities and professional backgrounds to empower students to build up their
creative paths.

Our main aim is to deliver outstanding teaching and research that enriches our art communities
and enable them to contribute to the society at their best. Under our faculty, we are currently
offering the Bachelor of Arts in English. If you do not want to be a graduate for the name’s sake
but to be a one in the real sense, the Overseas of Campus of Ceylon is the right place for you.

Faculty of Education

We offer you a wide array of programs to prepare you to face the contemporary challenges in the education field
to make you a recognizable figure with exceptional qualities. We have designed our curriculum to cater
to address all the needs of evolving educational world. Our main intention is to shape your critical analysis
skills in order to sense the needs of the changing world and enable you to provide solutions for each.
You will be able to learn the way that you can implement innovative pedagogy. Our panel of
lecturers is fueled with the passion and dedication to commit themselves to enhance your knowledge,
skills and attitudes. Under the faculty of Education, we are offering the Bachelor of Education in Education
with updated modules. To uncover your potential and develop your confidence to make a difference, the
Overseas Campus of Ceylon is the right place where you can reach out.

Faculty of Science

The faculty of science in the Overseas Campus of Ceylon is in the forefront among our faculties.
Enriched with well qualified academics, we offer you all the theoretical and practical skills to
reward you with a world class academic experience. Well-equipped laboratories are one of our
assets to provide you with a high-quality education.
Under our faculty, we offer you BSc. In Polymer Sciences in collaboration with UGC approved, one
of the world-renowned universities, the IIC university of Technology in Cambodia. As a student of
Overseas Campus of Ceylon, you have the access to our high-tech instrumentation facilities.
Catering highly confident and capable graduates to the field of science is our main objective and
we are fully committed to achieve the said. So, enrolling with the Overseas Campus of Ceylon will
be one of your best choices of life that you will never regret.

Faculty of Technology

Our programs are designed in a way to prepare you an expert in the field of your focus. Sound
knowledge in fundamental theories are combined with practical experiences to make your career
foundation solid. As world of work is rapidly evolving, adaptability is very much crucial for today’s
student. Our lecture panel is equipped with the relevant up to date knowledge to make you
adaptable in any environment.
Your global Employability is assured as we award you with a world prestigious degree from the IIC
University of Technology, Cambodia. With Overseas Campus of Ceylon, your future is always safe.

Faculty of Engineering

Our world is changing at a rapid rate and your agility to cope with it provides you the competitive
edge to thrive above all. Our Faculty of Engineering is focused on creating professional and
solution-oriented mind sets to solve contemporary problems in a creative aspect. Creative mind
sets lead to innovations that the world is craving for.
Our faculty is equipped with the best in the class to provide you the competency to achieve
cutting edge knowledge to stand out among traditional mindsets. For this we currently offer B. Sc
in Civil Engineering, B. Sc in Mechanical Engineering and B. Sc in Quantity surveying. If you are
looking to learn and groom to be a prestigious figure in your field, the Overseas Campus of Ceylon
is the right place for you.

Faculty of Management

The faculty of Business in the Overseas Campus of Ceylon is one of the greatest places in Sri Lanka
to realize your dream of being an excellent graduate in the field of management. We offer you
highly dynamic and constantly reengineered courses based on the contemporary needs in the
business world. Being equipped with a panel of experts in both the fields of academic and
industry, we always shape our students’ capabilities to exceed the expectations of the employers
where you will be a sought-after graduate in the field of management. Many doors will be opened
for you in the both local and global world of business equally. Our holistic learning experience will
lead you to paths of scholarships from globally recognized universities.
The faculty of Business offers you various degree programs: B. com in Management and Finance,
BBA in Management and BBA in Supply Chain Management in collaboration with one of the world
recognized universities, the IIC university of Technology in Cambodia. Our degree programs are
approved by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka.
We provide our utmost contribution to your growth and to groom you as a standing out business
leader in the world of business where you will uncover your unknown potentials to thrive as an
excellent icon in world wide. As a team, we fully dedicated to assist you whenever you want. If
you want to equipped yourself in the field of Management, the Overseas Campus of Ceylon is the
place where you need to be!

Faculty of Doctoral Studies

We prepare you as competent practitioners and researchers by providing a firm grounding in
management to innovate and foster new knowledge to the world. We make our doctoral students

equipped with in-depth knowledge of management through supervised research work. You will
get a massive understanding in your focused area with the completion of your PhD.
The global recognition will be awarded through our collaboration with the IIC University of
Technology Cambodia which will enhance your employability by crossing territorial boundaries. To
broaden your depth of knowledge, join with the Overseas Campus of Ceylon today.