Faculty of Management

The faculty of Business in the Overseas Campus of Ceylon is one of the greatest places in Sri Lanka
to realize your dream of being an excellent graduate in the field of management. We offer you
highly dynamic and constantly reengineered courses based on the contemporary needs in the
business world. Being equipped with a panel of experts in both the fields of academic and
industry, we always shape our students’ capabilities to exceed the expectations of the employers
where you will be a sought-after graduate in the field of management. Many doors will be opened
for you in the both local and global world of business equally. Our holistic learning experience will
lead you to paths of scholarships from globally recognized universities.
The faculty of Business offers you various degree programs: B. com in Management and Finance,
BBA in Management and BBA in Supply Chain Management in collaboration with one of the world
recognized universities, the IIC university of Technology in Cambodia. Our degree programs are
approved by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka.
We provide our utmost contribution to your growth and to groom you as a standing out business
leader in the world of business where you will uncover your unknown potentials to thrive as an
excellent icon in world wide. As a team, we fully dedicated to assist you whenever you want. If
you want to equipped yourself in the field of Management, the Overseas Campus of Ceylon is the
place where you need to be!